Recently having taken an interest in the female driven side of the Surrealist movement of the early 20th century, Iseult is an artist who works primarily in rendering tangible her dreams, love for mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and narrative.

Her artwork is created with the intention of communicating in the most confusing way possible. She uses texture and snippets of stories to convey subliminally what she wants you to take away from the work.

The work comes together from a process of research and amassing of information before it is transcribed into monoprint, and often in a spontaneous, mark-making way. This process is supported by a keen interest in language and etymology which is, yet again, conveyed confusingly.

Also, as is evident in the piece titled ‘The Vintner’s Luck’, she is able to write from right to left almost as quickly and spontaneously as when writing left to right. A useful skill in print-making probably supported by a childhood love of manga.

In essence, the work comes together to form an ulterior reality.

Iseult is a London based artist who uses print and painting to convey her ideas. She was born in Dublin in 1999.

Her work uses dreams, folklore, fairy tale, mythology, and narrative to create an ulterior reality.

Group Works