Izi Thexton is a multi-disciplinary designer, with a passion for textiles, print, and above all, process. Her practice does not revolve around a single medium, but is often led by a love of hands-on making, which pushes her to experiment with unfamiliar techniques. In this way, she sees publishing as ‘to make public’, rather than as a sphere limited to a certain format. However, what underpins Izi’s practice is an aim to use her stance of ‘designer-as-publisher’ not to speak for people, but to bring lesser-heard voices to the fore and challenge ingrained attitudes. Some of my projects from this year include:


Common Ground – A publication that documents and records ‘Pension Almonde’, a communal living experiment in Rotterdam, which ran from December 2019 – April 2021. A collection of unbound printed matter explores themes of commoning, agency, and community; together building up a sense of the place and how we lived.


The Politics of Making – A physical version of my dissertation about the subversive and unexpected relationship between textile craft and the digital.


Soft Data – Exploring our unconscious data creation that occurs overnight, with Latifa Powell and Olivia Godden. The knitted piece is a detailed manifestation of this activity, existing to remind us that digital data has tangible weight and consequence.


Act Together – An animation using Google Earth screenshots of sites across the world, showing that when we look at the bigger picture, we are more connected than we may sometimes seem.