The focus of these paintings is on close social situations where hands are visible. This is because hands and the positioning of them can be a social signal, portraying emotion and engagement in conversation. A goal was the use of scale to draw attention to the social interchange, making the hands and feet the biggest elements of the painting.

‘Picnic’ is a reportage painting of my sister and brother in Regents Park. ‘Hands on the Table’ is a mixture of a drawing of a friend I drew texting, and drawing of a friend in a pub .

Breathe Easy is an animation with the aim to highlight the links between rising pollutant levels in the air and mental health. It is drawn primary in ink and also has some oil pastel and digital drawing. 

This project is to showcase social interchange between loved ones. It is focused around the signals that can be seen in hands that indicate mood and engagement in conversation.

‘Picnic’ is based off an on-location sketch of siblings in Regents Park.

Acrylic paint, oil pastel and chalk on canvas material.