As someone who is dyslexic, over time I have had to find ways to adapt the way I learn to fit within a system that is not flexible and doesn’t necessarily suit the way I learn.

The current education system is quite structured and class-room based with a teacher at the head of the class giving out set instructions. This disadvantages at least 15-20% of the uk population who have various forms of dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Within this project I hope to make learning more accessible and enjoyable to all students not just those individuals with learning difficulties. I want to make education as inclusive as possible for all individuals regardless of ability and age. Research shows kinestestic based lessons increases  their engagement for their lessons allowing them to be are more productive and learn more. “Research suggests that physical activity can help improve a student’s ability to engage in learning and be happier in general”(Mcglynn, kozlowski 2017)

The projects goal was to take the subject of the human circulatory system and work with year 6 children to make it interactive and more accessible.

This active and engaging workshop is for year 6 children. Filled with craft and costumes, where they can become the blood cells circulating the heart and body.  This Kinaesthetic and visual learning-based workshop gave them a sensory experience to enhance their understanding of this complex topic for their SATS exams.