Shoulder Table-
A furniture project born through material exploration into woodwork and joinery. ​The Shoulder Table was developed using thinking through making, constructed with joints inspired by traditional woodworking methods to create a simple yet very strong joint. Whilst also being resourceful and efficient with materials using stock section timber for the entire construction. The glass top of the table is used to reveal and celebrate the design of the joint, instead of concealing it.
Water Drop-
Rethinking the way a watering vessel is used and ​perceived within the home with a series of objects designed to aid the user in maintaining the wellbeing of plants. The most common way plants die is through over watering and a lack of knowledge on how regularly plants need water. The rings on the Water Drop and the guide correlating to these rings aid the user in giving the plant the exact amount of water needed, a prescription for plants, also saving water in the process. The sleek and slender shape inspired by a water droplet is designed to be easy to use, access and display next to your plants within the home.