We have explored the meaning of a sensible architecture, one that orientates all aspects of space and material to sensation. A study into the Niels Bohr Pavilion by Danish architect Vilhelm Wohlert has influenced the design of my thesis project. The pavilion is deceptively simple, its tectonic abilities are disguised in the thoughtful detailed design considerations as operable panels open and close in relation to seasonal adjustments. 

    My thesis project is a centre for making and makers to serve the Lake Districts local economy; a pottery studio that translates the raw clay material around the site into goods. The Lake Districts climate informs the architecture, its orientation, and external covered spaces are useful and pleasurable. The projects title ‘Banded-workshop’ is in reference to the type of places depicted in William Morris’ 1980 Novel News From Nowhere, where people would gather when working together is convenient and pleasurable