Hi, I’m Jake

    I am a designer who is interested in exploring ideas and environments through research and responding in ways that allow me to better understand why things are how they are. My practice is centred around the collation and curation of ideas, events and interactions, with the intention of exploring and showcasing different perspectives and approaches to design.

    Looting in Iraq

    An investigation into looting in Iraq. The at the U.S war, Western antiquity markets and Saddam Hussein’s defeat and each parties impact on looting in Iraq. Containing over 300 screen printed images of items held in the Iraq Museum on perforated pages that are designed to be removed.

    Tu ne mourras pas tout entier

    Preserving passing moments otherwise forgotten. Contains 60 pressed daisies.


    A typeface that explores an intersection between title fonts and Roman lettering whilst aiming to capture the contrasting softness and sharpness of the two.

    Visual Physicality

    An exploration into gendered iconography and the prescribed gender biases in the workplace.