Hello! I’m Jamie Deans, a Type and Graphic Designer who believes in creating socially charged projects that are well informed, impactful and inspiring. My systematic approach to design means that my projects are often defined by their function, with my typeface Avro being a prime example of this. Exploring the physical application of type through collaboration is key to my practice as I further develop my role as a designer within society.

    Avro Typeface

    Avro is a variable sans serif display typeface inspired by the squadron codes used by the RAF during WWII. Designed as an accurate alternative to existing typefaces used for replica model planes, it celebrates the hand-painted application of wartime codes by utilising consistent curves and width strokes throughout. Available in 3 variable styles, Light, Regular and Bold, each one is adjustable along its width axis.
    Displayed on a 1:72 scale Lancaster Bomber, Avro Regular has been printed on a decal sheet and transferred directly onto the model, complimenting the skilled craftsmanship of its maker and completing an accurate representation of this iconic British aircraft. In collaboration with Finn Belden.