I’m in some ditch in Pozsony. I wipe the dirt off my shirt and ask a passer-by for water but there’s not anyone near. The day at this point is basically a complete write-off. Wandering into town with a limp I stutter out some change onto an citizen’s advice kiosk where I am promptly ignored by the jaded teenager putting in hours as a limb of local governance, acrobatically texting various girlfriends and boyfriends from a flip-phone. The refused tithing is instead spent on a pair of yellow contact lenses. I’ll spend the night in the wooden church tower, overlooking the gothic buildings, playing the role of a ghoul.


Jana Alcock is a painter and writer. Her work is about Deep Time and Sandra Bullock. She was recently awarded a Stanley Picker grant for writing and was previously selected for the New York University Senior Honors Studio.