This project is focused on the idea that we all inherently have a desire to peek into others’ private spaces. Therefore, I have focused on arguably the most private space of the modern household – the bathroom. The outcome works as a series of items, each listing every single item in various bathrooms. The viewer is intended to interact with these items and feel a sense of intrusion through unravelling, holding up, and peering into the three outcomes. Through reading and discovering how other people fill and decorate their homes, the viewer can make assumptions and gather ideas on the characters of these certain individuals, even though they are not explicitly present in the space – as well as commenting on the idea of aspirational living through being influenced by how others decide to decorate their living spaces.

    Displayed are a series of visual tests that allowed me to explore the idea of character and construction of spaces, ultimately leading me to focus on the idea of privacy and the desire to know how other people live.