I Can Read Upside Down

Shouldn’t learning to read be as easy to a child as turning themselves upside down? For some children sitting still and learning to read is a challenge. By observing considerations for the child challenged to sit still this project proposes to offer an exciting reading experience. ‘Upside Down in Space’ is a children’s picture book for young readers following the unexpected adventures of an accidental space explorer and featuring a robot lion found in a treacle tin. Together they find a friendship that takes them on a trip through space on a pocket rocket. With very few words other than intertextual I have introduced the book as an object of play. A kinesthetic learning style has been applied to the text by introducing interactive elements to encourage reader participation. As well as offering rewards throughout the book to assist in sustained attention and motivation. In addition the book supports paired reading and active discourse which further secures the long term positive reading experience for the child.

An almost wordless children’s picture book that presents an imaginary journey using only intergrated pictorial text.

For early readers, children will love the use of interactive elements throughout the story which assist in engagement especially during paired reading.