Throughout the past few months my practise has become predominantly research based. Focusing on themes of queerness, digital selfdom and, most recently, the archive and its collection of information. Due to my practise becoming more research based, writing has become my main medium. The writing itself has manifested in various forms such as poetry, abstracted writing pieces and essays. As the writing of my dissertation was happening alongside my practise, I decided that I would merge the two areas as both share the same themes of queer futurity. The overarching theme of my work is always about looking forward, using the writings and work of different writers, theorists and artists to inform the way I do so. However, for this work I decided I wanted to look backwards into the past and explore what it means to ‘archive’. To do this, installation felt like the most suitable medium. As installation somewhat acts as a collection of multiple mediums and processes, this mimics the idea of an archive perfectly.

Joseph Thomas (b. 2000 Cardiff) is an artist and writer based between Cardiff and London. They are currently studying BA Fine Art at Kingston University working predominantly in writing, sound and instillation focusing on themes of queer futurity, gender and digital selfdom.