Growing up in Derbyshire, my work has orbited around these memories of growing up in rurality and a deconstruction of both my own experiences and the foundations of which this place has been built on. Paralleled with a dissection of filmmaking labour, this has materialised in a range of media; drawing, both in charcoal and graphite, have acted as storyboards, photography as conceptual cut scenes, digital modelling as props and the physicalisation of these models in 3D prints and installation based work as set design. Whilst contrasting conceptually, these investigations primarily revolve around an interest in world building and storytelling, exploring geo-identity within both real memories of Derbyshire and mythical places depicted in the work. The work is driven by materialising these two as one, trying to understand why folklore cannot be as true as reality as they exist simultaneously.

Investigating themes of geo-identity, world building, rural architecture and folklore, my work revolves around deconstructing childhood memories living in Derbyshire and an inner world that has been developing since then.

Group Works