A Grounding Place is a soft furniture collection that reconnects you with the present through your senses. The collection includes handmade objects that stimulate different senses: tactile, smell, sight.

Grounding exercises are a form of mindfulness technique that help alleviate anxiety and overwhelming thoughts. Focusing on an object’s characteristics – the patterns, the textures, the smell – can help centre your thoughts and achieve a more mindful state. A Grounding Place is designed with the intent to facilitate grounding exercises by allowing the user to focus on different senses.

The collection includes handmade tufted cushions in different sizes and shapes, each prompting your senses. Each object is made using a punch needle and yarn. This technique is used to create different patterns and textures that the user can explore.

Julia Risberg is a product designer exploring the concept of sensory design. Julia’s focus lies in how a design choice can prompt an action or behaviour which in turn prompts a sensation. How can we make design choices that create a sensory benefit?