On my Design Marketing BA course I have had the chance to Brand Manage live briefs with clients such as JDO, Duolingo and Adidas by project managing large groups, creating live campaigns and designing website UX and UI. Creating a 3D immersive story in Virtual Reality for my major project, working in Unity, Blender and Oculus has pushed my knowledge in working with future technologies. I also have extensive experience in the Adobe Creative Suite using programs such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and After Effects. With experience working in the Marketing, Retail and Educational sectors, I am now excited to give back to the industry.

Hey, my name is Katie Harnden! I am a marketeer based in London with a passion to work with creatives in the marketing sector. I am a strategic thinker, bilingual and always open to learning new things! Feel free to reach out to me!