Kelly is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist, who specialises in sculpture. The objects or materials manipulated in the artist’s practice are often discarded or overlooked in the everyday. Her recents works investigates the notion of anthropomorphism, using machines as a surrogate for the human form. Thus, Sleep exploration alters the object’s normal cultural references in order to articulate a new language to investigate human behaviours. The performative and mechanical nature of the work means that the work is not only extended in space, but in time also. Leading to a contingent viewing or perception of the objects in the unfolding of motion or action overtime.

The theatricality in the artist’s sculptures is a result of the artists rebellion against her research into the 1960s art critics Michael Fried and Clement Greenberg, who disagreed with the blurring of boundaries between the everyday object and art. Her sculptures are fully activated through the participation of the viewer interacting with the work.

Group Works