The video presented is the promotional Material for the MA Curating Contemporary Design graduation show created by the two Project Management for Creative Practitioners students; It was done as a collaborative work for the Graduation Exhibition. The Graduation exhibition was a showcase of the talent, skill and behind the scenes work of the MA CCD students for their work for the Visibility of the Invisible. The Visibility of the Invisible was an exhibition that challenge the narratives of our current maps through countermapping by calling to all disciplines of Kingston School of Art to share the forms of “Mapping a world” in their own disciplines.

The Promotional material was made in order to bring the voices of the MA Curating Contemporary Design students who worked on the Visibility of the Invisible Exhibition that was held at Stanley Picker, January 2022.

Video Concept by: Chaihyun Lee and Keyi Li
Directed and edited by: Keyi Li


Tea Lounge is a personal corporate project that was jointly completed by three students from the Project Management Course. The project aims to use design thinking to curate a pop-up store in London to promote and experience traditional Chinese culture, including Chinese-style tea making, copper forging, flower arrangement, and lacquer painting.