My practice focuses on activism and education, particularly the ongoing issues in Palestine. This topic has been the main focus of my work as a Palestinian.

I strive to create tactility within my work, and I like to explore new methods within my practice. Recently, the art of tufting rugs. This is a process I wish to continue. I am comfortable working in 2D and 3D and enjoy bringing my 2D illustrations to life in the physical realm. I experiment with various methods, illustration, animation, and sculpture. I have always had an affinity for textiles and have been experimenting with visually communicating using the medium of yarn.




This rug depicts pertinent symbols Palestinians use to represent resistance and resilience. Its design was inspired by traditional Palestinian ceramics made in Hebron, Palestine.

The rug’s accompanying book contextualises the symbols to educate the audience on other symbols not represented in the visual language of the yarn.

Copies of the book are sold with the donation of all profits to a charity that aids Palestinians. My project aim is to stand up and raise awareness for Palestine and help my people who have been unjustly suffering from the Israeli occupation since 1967.

“From the river to the sea Palestine will be free”