Cinderverse is a board game that unites variations of the Cinderella-type folktale from all around the world. Step into the shoes of these heroines and experience a dark retelling of Cinderella, in which survival and escape is their only option. With this game I hope to empower these familiar heroines, make people look at the violence against them in a new way, and most importantly inspire curiosity in other cultures.



Do you also feel down about not being able to speak your mother tongue like you used to? Something to Chew On encourages you that no, your mother tongue isn’t lost to you – the same way a chewing gum goes hard when you stop chewing on it, so does the mother tongue become forgotten in your mouth. Chew on it for a while, blow life into it again, and you’ll see…


BLULUV: (Team: Michelle Leung, Nawang Tamang)

Bluluv is our self-love journal for adolescents and young adults, who are becoming more insecure about themselves with increasing societal pressure and unrealistic expectations. The 3 of us believe that everyone is worthy of love, and learning to love ourselves is a life-long practice.


NOT MY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE (Team: Emmanuel Aderinto, Callisto Hutchings, Ella McKiernan, Georgiana Gherman, Bleon Zeqiri, Jo-Dee Longstaff, Georgia Yates, Ray Zhang)

Not My Beautiful House is the brand identity for our SU’s and Studio KT1’s shop and creativity hub in Kingston town center. With the community’s shared experience of the pandemic and lockdown, we want to embody a space that disrupts the comfort of being at home. Comfort is overrated! Turn your world upside down! Question everything!


Take a closer look at these projects through the listed links below, have fun:

Hi, my name is Lien. I’m an art director, with a special interest in branding and copywriting. Mostly though, I’m just chasing and trying to capture curious ideas.