Peters Project acts both as an expression of grief following the loss of a loved one, and an emphasis on the importance of awareness surrounding  men’s mental health.


 Interspersed with reflections on the life and vast emotional influence of Peter, alongside portraits of the ‘Proper Blokes Club’ a group aiming to break stigmas regarding masculinity and men’s mental health, the project highlights the importance of opening up. Alluding to Peter’s sensitivity and compassion for the people around him, the project represents a process of grieving as well as a continuation of his supportive nature. Through honest and intimate portraits hope is translated through men coming together to help each other, and the unparalleled positive impact of walking and talking, building a community and breaking down stereotypes of men’s mental health. Encapsulating community and togetherness, the project implies the importance of support. 


The presence of Peter is carried throughout the project, sharing quiet moments from his garden and places he loved. This portrays the warmth of his personality and the bright, inspirational force he was. Through the making of this work, the project acts as a therapeutic process for me, providing a sense of solace at a difficult time. 


Thank you to The Proper Blokes Club for making this project happen.