Over the course of this year, Lily McStocker has worked across digital and print, and everything in-between, producing a body of work which spans the disciplines of type design, branding, animation, model-making, and publication. Whilst her practice varies in medium, she always approaches projects with a strong sense of narrative, and it is this thread which unites her diverse portfolio.


‘Ad Plants’ – Speculative project exploring a world in which public space advertisement has been prohibited. Billboards, which have fallen into states 0f disrepair, are reclaimed and repurposed by local communities; transformed into wall-mounted allotments. Model-making outcome.

‘Don’t Skip Intro’ – Printed, coil-bound publication of dissertation entitled, ‘Don’t Skip Intro: Exploring the role of authorship in Patrick Clair’s title sequences for quality television’.

‘Apricate Display’ / ‘Apricate Display Condensed’ – Original type design presented as complete Aa-Zz 0-9 specimens.

‘Bagsy: The Browsing Companion’ – Proposed browser extension in which customers can learn more about materials, manufacture and distribution of garments so as to make better-informed decisions when shopping for clothing online. Produced in response to D&AD: Do The Green Thing competition brief.

‘Act Together’ – Frame-by-frame animation of audio recording of Vivek Murthy sharing his thoughts on togetherness. Created in Procreate and AfterEffects.