For my final piece I have created a costume for the character of Ma from the book ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue. My project explores distorted realities and how one is able claim back their freedom through wearing accessible materials in a new way. I wanted my outcome to be as authentic as possible, therefore I created it from items that would have been accessible to both her and her son whilst they were trapped e.g. Fitted bedsheets, socks, an old t-shirt and shirt. The process of transforming her clothes allows the character of Ma to have a new identity. It allows her to pass the time, gives her a sense of escapism and time to get out of her head. My piece explores power in relation to other themes such as escapism, distorted reality, empowerment, confinement, and freedom.

    The radio project allowed me to explore the feeling of empowerment through interviewing people about their hobbies. Understanding the feeling of freedom that’s achieved by doing something you love allowed me to communicate the sense of escapism my character felt when making a garment whilst physically trapped.