My work is of wildlife photography edited with surreal colours. I look at the environment and how we are in a climate crisis, trying to use my work as a way to show the beauty of nature to inspire people to protect and respect it. The more I do this work the more passionate I have become about the environment and wanting to help, dedicating my life to working for the environment and wildlife.

Our time on this planet is very brief and l am reminded of this fact when recently my beloved Jack Russell dog Sally passed away. Sally had lived a full life, giving 16 years of pure joy. Through her, she taught me so much about animal behaviour, to appreciate and understand there can be a deep emotional connection between us and them. We owe them so much and they ask for nothing.

We live our life, we breath the same air and we drink the same water our own ancestors did. Each generation has a responsibility to the next generation (Nicholson, 1961), to look after our planet Earth and its inhabitants. My own place in the fight for the future of our planet is to record what l see, fulfil my ambition to be a wildlife filmmaker and to be aware of my carbon footprint. We can all eat less meat, we can all buy less, we can all reduce travelling, we can all be less wasteful, we can all recycle, we can all help to replant the forests, we can all educate each other, we can all volunteer and maybe we can decide not to have children. We all can as we don’t want to fail. ‘It comes down to you and me’ (Packham, 2021).

If we all do our best to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our daily lives, inspire those around us to do the same, vote in people who care, hold corporations and those in power accountable, and volunteer our time to charities, we can make a difference.