Siamese touch 2022

Dimensions variable. Fabricated wooden structures, polythene dust sheet, grass, mild steel and aluminium brackets, airbrush, paint, found and repaired soap dispenser, soap, fabricated sample cups, mouthwash, fabricated liquid disposal tubing, tissues.

An interactive instillation composed of two spaces. The sculptures are grounded by a falsification of a clinincal environment. Abject and almost sexual at its core, the viewer is asked to perform tasks activating different parts of their body, like apply viscous solution to their hands, or swirl strong cleaning fluid in their mouth. Their actions are parallel to the plant which is having the same things done to it as the viewer, but seemingly with no choice. The viewer is finally invited to touch the plant to complete an uncomfortable but intimate reaction. 


Siamese touch fabricates a siamese bond between the viewer and the plants, controlled and withheld by anonymous chemicals.