My work’s focus is empowered female figures represented across canvas works, film and are often paired with audio accompaniments. Some works touch on themes of abject and outrageousness whilst all depict a strong female focal point. I am interested in empowering reclamations of the female figure, exploring themes ‘controversial’ and ‘grotesque’ and their relationship with the female form as well as imagery presenting powerful and beautiful representations the subject. Within my depictions, there is a humour behind the image, created by the shamelessness the figures show around subjects such as sex and urination. behind works, I like to create an irony and playfulness. My work consists of moments I have personally captured, which I honour by transforming into large-scale works and music-video style films a with original audios, connecting my artistic practice with my interest music writing. As my work has faced controversy in the past, my intention is to introduce new ideas concerning how the female form is represented by interpreting and depicting the feminine figure at the intersection where beauty and scandal meet.

‘SHAMELESS WOMEN’ is a collection of six paintings that follow a ‘girls night out’. These works are enhanced by an audio that forms a soundscape which follows the progression of the night. The painted works act as snapshots for the moments across the night which are highlighted in the audio work. Each work is an unconventional as well as empowering representation of its female subject.


(accompaniment to painted works):


Group Works