“The contemporary house will have to be a house that understands and implies the existence of schools, parks, public transport and finally happiness” – Home in the Modern Era, Paulo Mendes Da Rocha

This year, Unit 9 have explored architecture from the ground up. A strong connection to the ground can be easily lost in the built environment; causing a lack of sensitivity to the natural world.

This residential scheme attempts to free the ground of weight to allow biodiversity to thrive, raising the housing into the sky. The project aims to rework the typology of the high rise tower, to be generous and open. On the ground, a lightweight structure encloses the highly vegetated floor to create a microclimate.

Building from the ground up increases the connection to nature, promoting human well-being and sensitivity towards world issues such as climate change.

“To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history, but to articulate it” – Daniel Libeskind