When approaching this collection, I was plagued by a cyclical confusion over what deserves to be designed. living in a time where the effects of excessive and needless consumption reign the future of our world, to produce another frivolous set of garments felt disingenuous. I look at myself and try to question what it is that, I actually like anymore and what is not tainted by this guilt. I try to envisage what the perfect outcome would be and I’m all-consumed by the reality of its unattainability.

This overwhelm overflows into other areas of my life, and the way I try to grow “the right way”. Too much scrutiny only causes things to regresses or wither away entirely. Longing for this feeling of resolution, I find myself enveloped; rotting away slowly.

“Brain Rot”

verb: The all-encompassing feeling of internal decay. The degradation begins within, before seeping out of the beholder in a discomforting yet fascinating display.

The collection “Brain Rot”, is the result of my own unresolved feelings towards fashion and self-expression in the age of conscious design. The garments are constructed from dead-stock fabrics and vintage finds, reimagined through natural dying, textile manipulation and deconstructed silhouettes. Through this ‘magpie mindset’ of treasuring disused fabrics and waste textiles, I aim to showcase the re-valuation of fashion waste and promote the beauty within their visually imperfect surface designs.