A proposed second branch for the restaurant Silo, with a bio-material workshop integrated into the space to compliment the brands circular values. Scoby is a gelatine membrane that can form into a firm plastic, made from fruit and vegetable peels mixed with bacteria and yeast. These are hanged up around the site to dry up, educate visitors about the biodegradable material and obscure views to further enhance the dining experience.

Additionally, a small brewery is combined to extend the restaurant’s own equipment. Catering businesses also have the opportunity to showcase their food through the market stall and bring the diversity of Newham’s food cultures over the isolated docks.

An L Shape plan was adopted after an inspiration from the restaurant’s space itself, which takes visitors in to a journey to see the making of the dishes and touch into other senses before the dining experience. Following the brand’s zero waste strategy, all material used for the proposal are connected. For instance the reinforced concrete that have been cut through are cut and reused as tables. The site also takes advantage of the surrounding industrial companies around that offer scrap metal.

Overall, SCOBY is a place of food, learning and community!

“Creating spaces with stories that undergo growing creative research and iteration”