Silo D will be the new home of a creative centre focusing on fashion design and music. The main tower will accomodate a retail store selling clothes from a sustainable New York brand known as Zero Waste Daniel which creates contemporary clothing designs from scrap / waste fabrics sourced from local manufacturers and fashion schools. On the top floor, beginer designers will have a chance to create their own designs from waste fabric while contributing to the circular economy model. The side tower, will house a bar on the ground floor where the local creative minds can enjoy a drink and mingle. Above, will be a music room where the local youth can learn to play instruments during the day, while in the evenings musicians will have an opportunity to perform their music. The top floor will be a seating area as well as a viewing platform for the evening gigs. On the top, there will be a large balcony joining the two towers, where individuals from the two creative industries (fashion and music) can meet and enjoy the view of Silvertown. The concept for the design is taken from the clothes created by ZWD, de-constructivism.