The brief for this project was to take an existing grain silo called Silo D in Newham, London, which is now an outdated mode of production and consumption, and come up with a proposal on how this could be experienced and reused in the modern world. Silo D was built in 1920 and was built as a replacement for the original cast iron silos which were damaged in the Silvertown munitions explosion in 1917. It was restored in 1995 and became a Grade II listed building in 1999.

The proposal for this project is to convert Silo D into a hotel. The target audience will be high flying international business executives who are looking to stay and find a quiet spot to work / answer emails, and I will be working together with Young Future Rising, a company that has a passion for supporting and building communities and the young people within them.

The building consists of 47 hotel rooms, a co-working space, a spa and wellness area, and
a rooftop bar located on the sixth floor. The place has been designed to be welcoming and unforgettable and has double-height space and an iconic staircase. To make the most out
of the sun, the floors inside the building have been rotated slightly towards the south. When the guests enter the building, they will check-in at the reception and then go through a tunnel before entering the spa and wellness area. The tunnel is meant to make the guests forget about stress and worries and think about how much they will enjoy the place.

The spa and wellness area is located in the basement and consists of a massage room, sauna, steam room, cold bath, and an indoor pool. The basement was extended in order to be able to add gardens on the outside of the building as well as add more natural light inside the basement.