This project is named after my sister, Anisa. Her name means ‘Well-Natured’, which perfectly represents her kind personality. This series of portraits and still life images, demonstrates my perspective of how I see my younger sister. I became inspired by her loving persona and maturity at such a young age, which lead me to create a project that shows her beauty.

The flower as an object of beauty came to mind, as she reminds me of one. Flowers are symbolic and have a beautiful definition. I find that the flower is used to convey many things, defining certain feelings and emotions. They are also seen as rather poetic, filled with endless meaning. The still life images attempt to show the essence of the flower and its beauty, also reflecting on the beauty in my mind and eyes of my sister. I want my photography to show Anisa’s journey of entering her teen years. This is my interpretation of how I see my sister Anisa and the nature of flowers, combining the two, to form one meaning.