This project combines an old passion of mine for content creation and design and a new passion for DEI/EDI, which gives me great joy to talk about with the hopes of making some changes.  DEI Magazine was created to educate and inform academics and professionals about diversity, equity, and inclusion and to bring clarity on how to implement DEI/EDI in the workplace, universities, and schools. It’s imperative we start treating everyone as an equal as we all have the same rights to live our lives as we please and to be the person we want to be.

This is a small project, part of my MA in Media & Communication, that turned into a big accomplishment.

To view the magazine online, in full, where you’ll be able to flip the pages, click on the links and watch videos, use the QR code on the cover or click on the DEI Magazine link on the left.

Note: All images, photos and video contain attributions and are either free to use/share or permission has been granted by the author/owner.

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