The social conditioning women experience every day was a major inspiration for my collection. Body anatomy, microscopic images also Victorian maternity corsets and feminist artists’ references continued to inform this project. The main inspiration for textures and shapes came from Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party”, Magdalena Abakanowicz and her famous Abakans and Aneta Grzeszczykowska’s “Selfie”.

Conditioning creates automatic reactions that are difficult to change and within the time they become ingrained in everyday life. The purpose of this research was to introduce the concept of mindfulness and its importance in breaking free from this habit so that we can cultivate present-moment awareness.  My research included data collected from the series “9 Months with Courtney Cox” and further through discussions with women from different backgrounds and in various life situations.

“When are you going to have children?” This question many women found daunting. It doesn’t give you the option of choice, it assumes that you want and going to have children as this is socially assumed as a norm. Women who chose to be childfree often find themselves explaining their choice to others, whereas women who have children don’t face this problem. It just shouldn’t be something you have to justify either way or even give a reason for.

Various modern and traditional techniques have been used in the project like screen printing, laser cutting, 3D scanning and printing, tufting, needle punch and the development of latex fabric aiming to create a fascinating and contemporary statement while keeping sustainability in mind. To minimise the impact on the environment collection has been created using deadstock materials and natural fabrics. Sponsorship from Krill Design Milano allowed me to explore 3D printing techniques from orange peels.