Lasting Marks is a series of sound-based performances, exploring mark making and urban soundscapes. Each performance involved a session of live tattooing in a public space, where a distinct soundscape interacted and effectively dictated the outcome of the tattoo. Specialized audio equipment was constructed, to enable the sounds of tattooing to be amplified and modified live, giving attention not to the visual aesthetic of the tattoo, but how the sounds produced interacted with each surrounding soundscape.

The tattoo left upon each participant stand as marks of the lasting power noise and sound has upon our daily lives. These tattoos also link different individuals, occupying different cities and spaces across the UK. Juxtaposing the permanence of tattooing, against the impermanence and immutable nature of shared sound, Lasting Marks acts as a reminder of the intense power sound has in shaping our lives, and the notice that should be taken to living amongst such saturated soundscapes.  

Lasting Marks – A series of site-specific performances, exploring the relationship between sound, tattooing and urban landscapes.