The hanky code, also known as handkerchief code or flagging, is a system of non verbally communicating one’s sexual preferences, interests and kinks. Each colour has a designated meaning referring to sexual activity. The wearer indicates whether they prefer to be top/dominant or bottom/submissive by wearing a hanky on the left or right side respectively. For example, Hank is a sub and likes to get fisted; he signals this by putting a red hanky in his right back pocket.

Hanky Code Game playfully teaches you about the basics of this flagging system through completing simple phrases and matching handkerchiefs to their wearer. The game features fully animated sequences and allows its audience to familiarise themselves with the history of this piece of queer culture.

My goal with this project is to educate about queer history in a fun and engaging way and destigmatize queer sex and kink culture. The hanky code is an often forgotten part of queer history that I am fascinated by and want more people to engage with.