The final piece has become an amalgamation of knitting celebration, exploring the changes in how and why we interact with knitting : how it reflects identity, how it becomes identity, how it repeats, how it came back and how it never truly went away.

    It is a frame of 6 feet, reflecting the 6 days it took to make a fisherman’s jumper. This formed the basis of my exploration of knitting’s history with identity. It is covered with a machine knitted mesh to form a canvas like structure, exploring the world of knit that ventures away from hand.

    The type is pixelated and set to a grid, as if it has been formatted to a graphic knitting pattern. The type follows the rules of patterns, and the languag explores the repetitive nature of knitting through its formatting and content, and also delves further into the context and trend of knitting.


    ‘Cast On’ explores the knitting’s present, past and its appeal through language, typography, scale and knitting.