My collection is a deep and vulnerable insight, into how the world is perceived through my own eyes, and the eyes of other synesthetes, who live with the neurological phenomenon known as Synesthesia. “Synth” (which means “together”) and “Ethesia” (which means “perception”), is the stimulation of one sensory cognitive pathway, leading to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory cognitive pathway. In my experience, letters, numbers, words, and shapes shift colours in different scenarios, or fonts, but mostly stay the same. As I am also Dyslexic, I see letters and words in different sizes, reflections and swapped positions. This uncontrolled stimulation of the brain can cause sensory overloads. For myself, these circumstances are calmed by bathing in ultraviolet light, stripping all colour from the visible spectrum within the surrounding environment. The 5 outfits of this capsule collection are each paired with the 5 senses that are affected by my condition, and partnered with 5 letters that make up my surname / brand identity. I perceive these letters to have 5 separate colours, smells, and tastes, manifested in this promotional package, representing stages of under to over stimulation, all of which are involuntarily impacted by shape, colour, and environment. Please submerse yourself in this collection that represents the physical embodiment of how I view the world. Explore the smells, tastes, textures, and colours, in this environment, and interact with them using all 5 of your senses, to expose the reactants, effects, and products, of multi-sensory interaction.