Work investigates the extraction and displacement of waste and organic material through urbanisation, and processes of post-industrialisation. Using discarded material found in skips, on roadsides, building sites and neglected areas of shrubland she constructs sculptural arrangements that become indexes of memory, experience and identity.

The conscious decision of contextualised material enhances the narrative of the work. Why this material? Where was it sourced? Is there context? The collective analysis of material and the exploration of possibilities with the unpredictability of processes becomes an act of storytelling.

Many pieces incorporate raw clay found at sites local to the artist, which are then hand processed, and clumps of earth displaced and encased wax. The process of these sculptures is transformative, collecting fragments of the environment to create physical beings that incite a meeting of presence and ephemeral of history. Sourced locally, clay has been displaced from the ground by another. The temporal material of sedimentary rock, resting in pressure and warmth in the ground only to be removed for our purpose. From the mountain to the brick or bowl, to our home.

Work explores location-based site-specificity and investigates an objects relationship within that space- each element is rendered as social and geographical markers of the location in which they were found.


Group Works