As for the inspiration for my graduate collection “Namy My Land – JER” I looked back at my ethnic background and the cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people.
Coming from Kyrgyzstan, the land of nomads I have been fascinated by the history, lifestyle, and habitat of Central Asian citizens during the beginning of the 20th century. The idea of Nomadic people as it whole, the people who are in constant motion, traveling from one place to another, stepping a foot on one land and another, never stopped them from creating a feeling of Home.

Carrying their cloth and yurts, they have always found a home in the place they stood, on land they stepped.

With the name of my collection ‘ Name My Land – JER’, where.
‘JER’ from Kyrgyz translates to ‘Land’, I wanted to convey my understanding of human relationships amongst all races, cultures, and religions. We are all more or fewer Nomads, who are in constant movement, we are people who share one big house, a land that we all should feel welcomed at, a place that should feel like a home.

My focus with this collection was to create the cloth that gifted you comfort, confidence, and a sense of safety. Referring to the nomadic lifestyle, the garments are easily accessible, transportable, and transformable within the look. You will be able to see the variety of fabric weights from light sheer dresses to heavy wool coats, the layering feature o the looks allows you to have more styling options and be prepared for any occasion.
The silhouettes of my pieces were heavily inspired by the daily wear of people during the 1910-the 1930s, with the modern outtake on it. Trying to find the balance between the authenticity of my research and the current modernity, left me with the following outcome.