A roofed public space in the heart of central London, designed to be enjoyed by 12 million people yearly, is exactly what London needs.

    This thesis intends to create a sense of community in a highly dense part of the Southbank, surrounded by corporate high rise buildings and historical land marks, this can make one overwhelmed, this roofed public space offers a ‘ time out’, an escape from the hustle and bustle of London.

    Throughout time Jubilee Gardens has been the host of The Festival of Britain, an event where innovative designers and collaboratives would gather to showcase their works to the public, this festival and location is highly celebrated throughout the UK, as the Festival of Britain paved the way for some of the architectural designs we see in the modern day.

    For my thesis I intend to have a ‘ Roofed public space’ which can be utilised by the public to further add to the already flourishing and rich history of Jubilee Gardens, this can be achieved through creating an environment where sellers can set up stalls on designated day to sell their good, generating revenue within the Southbank, while also creating an uprise of footfall, creating a communal environment in a part of London that has a corporate, professional atmosphere to it. Another way this roofed space would be utilised is by creating a safe environment for independent artists and musicians to promote their craft in front of 3.5 million plus people yearly.
    The aim of my thesis is to further celebrate the already established location of Jubilee Gardens, this is achieved through the use of written poetry, art and architecture, with these elements came the thesis to introduce a roofed public space in Central London

    “In such a dense public space, such as the southbank, how does one know where the meet up point is with their friends? they meet under the gutter.”