Megan’s main passion is Publishing and exploring that through her own personal experiences. How can a publication with its layout, text and images influence ones connection with the subject. Megan specialised in Publishing for two years within her degree and will be doing MA Publishing in October at London College of Communication. She hopes to always push forward and try to challenge herself to go outside her comfort zone.

This project is called ‘1 in 5 Women’ and is about women aged 20-26 who have had (or still has) breast cancer. It is about removing the stereotype that breast cancer starts with a lump and that only older women get it. I decided that this was an important project to do as I got breast cancer in 2021 at age 20. I felt very alone and not knowing where to go, so this project is for my past self and for other women who are in the same boat. I created 8 bras which represent 8 women who helped me in this project by allowing me to use their symptom to sew onto their bra. Every bra is a different woman, symptom and story. I was lucky enough to photograph some of these women in their bras to put a face to their story.

This isn’t a sympathy project, but more of an empowering one.

This project is one that is very personal to me and women exploring the myths of breast cancer.