‘In Pursuit of Perfection’ investigates today’s endless chasing of unreachable ideals. A societal model of perfection is reinforced on a daily basis, a by-product of social media. In turn, even subconsciously, our status anxiety increases.

    Historically contextualising perfectionism in culture I have looked at the Neoclassical movement (1790s-1820s) in which a revival of classical Greek and Roman styles became prevalent in culture.

    “Neoclassicism can be loosely defined by it’s focus on harmony, simplicity, proportion and symmetry.” (Mayfair Gallery Guides, 2018).

    Similarly, to this tailoring explores themes associating “simplicity, proportion and symmetry” in relation to the body.

    The collection depicts tailored and classical antiquity inspired garments, disrupted by spiral cutting to show the anxieties surrounding unreachable perfection ideals.

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