Kolo is a traditional Serbian dance. When danced it takes a form of a circle, a symbol of a sun, life, togetherness and oneness. In kolo dancers hold each other’s hands and become like one, immersed in the rhythm of the music and steps. In that moment they all become the same- gender, status, race, or any other difference disappears and instead, they instantly feel rooted and connected. With this collection inspired by the Serbian traditional clothing, my aim was to create a safe space for everyone to feel accepted, appreciated, and included. Adjustable clothing can be fitted on bodies of different sizes, shapes and genders and can be worn in different ways. From a sustainability point of view, I believe that making adjustable clothing, with carefully chosen fabrics, can reduce unnecessary waste of production and pollution, which is something that we should take from the past and bring into our future.

Reinterpreting the traditional costume, arts and crafts, and exploring inclusive clothing.