‘The link’ is a delivery of an affordable workspace for creative and design businesses and start-ups. It is an exciting opportunity to raise the bar of local workspace provision to meet the creativity and entrepreneurship of young people across Newham. The market constitutes the type of richness that has the potential to support and enrich a variety of cultures and communities. The building is circular within its uses. It is unique because you get to see how these different uses come together.

The scheme proposes an ‘inside out’ concept which is a holistic approach to integrating the built environment with the natural environment. Interior spaces can be made to suit our human nature and connect with the world outside; capturing views, daylight, solar heat gain in the winter and natural ventilation for cooling.

Furthermore, space is distinctively divided into public and private zones with designated gathering zones around in the form of balconies. The space is well equipped for disabled people as well. The T-shaped ramp starts from the market and ends in the café and office space. The interior circulates you as you go. 

Hopkins’ abandoned the post-war architecture style Patera building acts as an umbrella to the floating market which makes it a strong and stable structure for the next upcoming years. The market provides locally sourced food which creates more job opportunities along the way. The stalls are designated for different types of retailers in sectors such as art, craft, food, and grocery. The market square also consists of a semi-circular seating area where one could sit and enjoy the view of the Pontoon Dock. This T intersection of the retail, commercial and community will benefit the upcoming future of Silvertown.