This Project is focusing on creating a new Space for the Newham Community, opening a restaurant and a community vertical farming greenhouse, as well as a Biomaterial Retail space. This project should give a significant and beneficial experience that would educate, encourage and improve the way of life for the community. This Building is a restored grade II listed grain silo, and is best known as the ‘D’ silo on the site of the already demolished Rank Hovis Premier Mill in West Silvertown, London Docklands. The silo D filled significant roles throughout the centuries and became one of the well-loved icons of post-industrial Britain. It is important to maintain the building’s characteristic beauty and make a stronger connection with the local community by designing a place where people can improve their apprehensions and understand the importance of the circular economy and sustainability in their lives, finding actual examples for recycling and introducing them to the future of the vertical farming. As a result, this project should improve and support the community with a combined objective towards a new and sustainable method of living, educating today’s generation for the possible solutions of the future through circular economy, allowing them to implicate this in their own lives.