I am a painter interested in exposing the role that objects play within our lives and how the representation of every day things in artwork can speak to us about our relationships with our possessions and the narratives they hold. This ongoing series of work depicts paintings of submitted objects which have sentimental value. The objects are seemingly generic and leave room for the viewer to see themselves and their own possessions within the series.

A tangible object has the ability to connect those who have lost, to things that have been left in the past. Such is why we seem to collect and consequently, this relationship occurs between subject and object. Objects act as a bridge, between us and the way in which we experience life. The object acts like a vehicle which can state for you ‘I was here and I did this’ or ‘This person existed and I loved them’. The object can act as a permanent fixture outside of the body, and as a whole collection or on their own, they can become an extension of the self. 

‘Things authenticate experience’ Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska.

Group Works