Olivia is an interdisciplinary designer based in London. Her work uses the blurring boundaries of physical and digital design as a playground for visual experimentation. With work ranging from print, motion graphic, to 3D design, her process is never static. She aims to catalyse conversations for a more empathic future, through speculations on traditional comfort zones; with influences from both technology and the natural world. 

Delphic – A self-guided therapy tool bridging the gap between accessible mental health and digital data. 

This involves a physical, customisable box of blocks representing the user’s chosen emotions, and an accompanying therapy app that I proposed to sync to the blocks via bluetooth. This aims to reduce the view of digital data as an inhibitor of mental health identity, and increase user engagement within mental health apps. 

Becoming-with – ‘How does contemporary sculpture design in Making Kin help us comprehend the nuances of life?’ 

This is a publication containing a dissertation on the use of sculpture design to understand nonhuman life. Accompanied by external essays, examples of relevant art and photography. Held within a 3D printed slip case presenting a selected sculpture within the collection Making Kin, by Wang & Söderström, the outcome draws on contemporary discussions on the hybridity of digital and physical design and its impact on the comprehension of the human to non-human relationship. 

Act Together – An animation in support of the views held by US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

An audio extract discussing the building of relationships to reduce disagreements is presented through an engaging stop-motion style and the metaphor of the well known tea vs. coffee preference debate, in order to be comprehended by a broader adult audience. This is accompanied by a designed personal selection box of teas and coffees.