Olivia is a multidisciplinary animator specializing in stop motion animation and model making in London. She loves to create heart-warming narratives that are engaging and intriguing to the audience. Working either digitally or in stop motion animation, she likes to explore a handcrafted visual language within her work and she adapts and changes the medium to best convey the narrative’s message. Recently, Olivia has been working on creating sets and props for 3D stop motion and creating both 2D and 3D stop motion animations out of felt. She likes to combine the different processes of felting to craft characters and props and manipulate the felt in its raw form to create a sense of motion.


Olivia’s short film ‘A day to remember…’ is a stop motion animation created out of felt.  Within this heart-warming narrative, a headline news article presented on the radio sparks the character of the old man to reminisce on his greatest discovery from his days as a scuba diver. At the start of the narrative the audience is viewing the old man in his cottage, which Olivia animated using 3D stop motion. She created the set and props from various materials, in order to create a cosy wooden cabin aesthetic. As the character begins to tell his story of his greatest discovery, she uses 2D stop motion animation to transport the audience along with the narrative.