My outcome titled, Symbols of simulation, is a visually driven comment on simulation and deceivement that attempts to bend and manipulate the rules of football which my physical outcome of a line painting into grass reflects. It is the marked boundaries that contain and govern the game. It is these lines I have manipulated into my made symbols which are associated logos for six areas of simulation I have observed being: 1-Timewasting by not giving the ball back to the opposition. 2-Time wasting by kicking or throwing g the ball away. 3- Time wasting by walking off the pitch very slowly following a substitution. 4- Diving: Faking a contact and falling over to try gain a foul. 5. Time wasting by the goalkeeper taking a long time to take a goal kick. 6- Pretending to be injured: could be waste time or to make a challenge seem worse than it was in an attempt to sway the referee. It is my final logo I decided to create into my grass physical outcome as I think it best reflects my project. My supporting video titled ‘Painting the lines, A not so normal day.’ follows the day of a groundmen who is painting the lines on a football pitch and creates a symbol into the sideline which is my designed logo.  My outcome is very different to the area I started looking at following on from my project proposal which was about injury in sport and the balancing act of risk and reward. I then was looking at concussion until I flipped my project around and started to look at faking injury. It was this topic I found I was getting success in creating tests that were more exiting and communicated clearer to a specific audience.

    To create symbols that best communicated, I looked at event pictograms from the Olympic games which helped inform my design decisions.