For my Major Project, I purpose to create a wellbeing centre, focusing on young teenager that experience mental health caused by family problems or home-life problems. The proposal will play with water and nature, the water will create energy to repair, renew and refresh to prepare you for new experience, new world and new acquaintance. Water makes a form of flow that brings calmness to our heart, wash out the fear and the badness, and encourage us to be careful in every stage in our lives as the water flows away and never comes back. 

The wellbeing Centre will be collabing with The Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS), the Centre Point (give youth homeless a future) and the school / university counselors. The centre welcome for everyone, all genders and ages to enjoy their moment here, and allow them to explore the new experience of the counseling space. The space will make them feel fun and allow them to walk away from their safe zone. The space also give opportunity for youth homelessness to have job, allow them to earn money moreover, they allow to speak with professional psychologists (from Newham Centre for Mental). All youth homeless employed in the wellbeing centre need to transfer from the Centre point services and CAMHS. 

I want to create a space that you feel relax, able to become yourself, less nervous and the place where no one will judge you and make you do things that unwilling to do. Also will boost up your minds and make you become a better person.